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Book 3 in the Senses Series
Cindy Paterson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Date of Publication: May 7th 2013
 ISBN: 978-0-9917327-1-5
Number of pages: 244 approx.
Word Count: 98,000
Cover Artist: Mark Paterson
Book Description: 
“He’s destroying me—us. I need him like my next breath, yet I’m suffocating.” An unrequited love that has ripped her to pieces. Delara has loved Waleron for over a century. Their intense chemistry is sensual, gripping, irresistible. But tragedy struck, and after sixty-one years of believing he was dead, Waleron returns a tortured man. He claims the man she loves is dead, yet the undeniable sexual tension still pulls them together. 
“I am no longer the man you love, maitagarri. I am incapable of it.”
Waleron has given his oath to protect the Senses. He will sacrifice everything for them. But there is one Senses he has vowed to protect more than any other—Delara. He will do anything to make certain she is safe, even if it means he must deny her the love they once shared. She is the hunted. Delara’s life is in jeopardy and Waleron will do anything to protect her. But he never suspected that Xamien, the man he brings to help protect her is way more important to her than he ever knew. Torn between two men and hunted by another, Delara must fight her hardest battle—herself.
The Senses Taldeburu Waleron
From the novel FALL
Waleron Traces into the room. 
“Oh Waleron, hello. I wasn’t expecting you for another ten minutes.” I stand to shake his hand and feel really small next to his 6’2.
“I’d like to welcome The Senses Taldeburu Waleron to the blog today. He is from Cindy Paterson’s novel FALL. Waleron also appeared in JUMP and STEP, the first 2 books in the Senses series. Although I understand that FALL can be read as a standalone. We’re really pleased you could take time out of your schedule to be with us today.”
Waleron stays standing and gives a curt nod. I notice his snake tattoo immediately. The black ink coils from beneath his t-shirt up his neck. Its eyes are solid black and it looks like it is staring right at me.
“Would you care to have a seat? Coffee?” I gesture to the seat across the table from me.
“No. I understood this would be quick. I have a meeting with the Wraiths.” I wonder why he bothered then.
“Because Cindy can erase me.”
Damn, I forgot he could read my mind.
Waleron raises his brows then leans against the wall and crosses his arms. He looks really forbidding, not a flash of a smile and his eyes are ice cold. “My understanding is that this would be quick.” “You’re not being very quick.”  
I had to say telepathy was pretty cool. “Right. In a hurry. Okay, so right to it. What turns you on?” 
He takes a few moments and it gives me time to access him without appearing like I’m gawking. He is all muscle and has this Jason Statham look, shaved head, tattoos and really badass looking. 
“The hitches in a woman’s breath.” 
Oh wow. I expected him to evade that question. “Any particular woman?”
His eyes dart to me and they’re piercing. I shift in my chair uncomfortably and look down at my iPad.
“What turns you off?”
“I don’t believe that question is relevant to the book.”
“Well this interview is to get to know you better, Waleron. The readers would like a glimpse into your life.” 
Waleron is scowling—fierce. I notice the snake tattoo start to move on the side of his neck and no from reading Fall that I better move on—fast.
“Vanilla or chocolate?”
His brows lower over his brilliant blue eyes and I know that the silly question won’t be answered. “Weapon of choice?”
He pauses for several seconds and I can’t help but fidget under his direct stare. He finally answers and I breathe again.
“As a Taldeburu I can call energy into my hands. I would assume you already know this from reading the author’s books.”
“Well umm yes. Least favorite word?”
“Oh come on Waleron that’s a person.”  The snake tattoo’s eyes turn red and I move on. “Think I know the answer but what enemy do you hate the most?”
“What enemy could you like?”
His brows raise and I notice his blue eyes lighten and appear like ice shards. Nope, guess he won’t answer that one either. I look down at my last question—What type of underwear do you wear?—and decide to skip it. Xamien might appreciate a question like that, but Waleron and his Scar wouldn’t.
“Are you in love with Delara?”
I notice the tension in his shoulders ease and the hardness in his eyes appears to have softened. It’s obvious just the mention of her name affects him.
“Do you breathe?” I know his question isn’t meant to be answered, merely understood. Wow.
“Ummm well, thank you Waleron for coming in to see us, I know you’re busy as a Taldeburu and we appreciate you taking the time out to chat.”
He gives a chin nod and I notice him take out a Pez dispenser out of his black army pant pocket. The duck head clicks open and a bright pink square candy pops out. I laugh.
“Never pictured you as a candy eater.”
He closes his fist over the candy and when he opens his hand again the candy is dust. He sweeps the residual into the garbage. “I’m not.” He strides out, leaving the door wide open.
Ten minutes later I receive a call from the author Cindy Paterson.
“I understand you had Waleron in for an interview?” Cindy sounds out of breath as if she hurried to call when she discovered Waleron was here. Probably to make certain I was still alive.
“Why yes. He’s a …nice guy.”
Cindy laughs. “Nice is not the word I’d ever choose to describe Waleron. I hope his Scar didn’t cause any problems?”
I thought of the red snake eyes and shivered. “Not at all.”
“Good. Well, I just wanted to call and say thank you for having Waleron on your blog today. It was kind and… extremely fearless of you.”
“Oh well yes, it was interesting, although we didn’t get much out of him.”
“No. No you wouldn’t. Waleron is relatively closed off. He’s had a tragic life as you’ve just read in FALL. Again, thank you for having him.”
About the Author: 
I am Xamien’s secret lover. Well, in my head I am and since I’m single this is completely allowed. Some of you may ask, who is Xamien, don’t worry you will meet him soon enough, but no falling in love with him. He is all mine.Writing books is a fantastic way to have adventures that are impossible to have otherwise. I mean do you really want to fall in love with Waleron? He is so unstable and would never pick up after your dogs or clean the litter box. Not to mention the fact that he is always out killing disgusting grave robbing bug people. Curling up with a good book and losing yourself to another time and place is the greatest reward. Being able to feel a character’s emotions, their fears, pain and love. Now that is incredible. I relish in the books that stay with me long after they have ended. This is what I strive for in my writing. To give the readers, and myself, an escape into another world, my world.I have been writing since I was twelve. My parents, sorry mom and dad, would send me to my room for an hour every night to do homework, and instead I wrote stories. Oops, guess that is why I did so bad in math.I have never stopped writing since then and never will. It’s like an addiction, but a good one. I adore stepping into the shoes of a character and deciding their fate. The characters are why I write. I want to fall in love with them (even the bad ones), so that I care about what happens to them in a story. If I can’t care about the characters then why bother with the story.
I live in Toronto with a menagerie of pets that keep me on my toes.

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