Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Eslites: The Arrival.

Book 1 from the Eslite Chronicles

by CM Doporto

Genre: Young Adult Sci-Fi/Dystopian (ages 12 and up)

ISBN: 978-0-9888299-6-1
Number of pages: 177 pages
Word Count: 57,703
Cover Artist: Cora Graphics

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Book Description:

When sixteen-year-old Miranda Mays, superior donor destined to save the alien race known as the Eslites, learns the human race is in danger along with the donors at Nidus, she decides it’s time to take a stance. Against the odds, she sets out on a quest to convince government officials that what the Eslites are doing to them is violating the current order in place. Will she succeed or will the Eslites continue to test human females in hopes of producing offspring to save their race?
 Will Miranda be able to convince gov’t officials the Eslites are endangering the human race? #Teen #SciFi
Amazon Best Seller Top 100 Paid List: Teen & Young Adult/ Sci-Fi & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Aliens

The Eslites

Sixteen year old, Miranda Mays, discovers she is a superior donor for the alien race known as the Eslites, who have come to earth demanding humans help save their race from extinction. Will she be the one to help them or will their quest continue?

About the Author:

CM Doporto lives in the great state of Texas with her husband and son enjoying life with their extensive family along with their Chihuahua, Mexican Redhead Parrot and several fish.

She writes Young Adult and New Adult Sci-Fi/Urban Fantasy stories about ordinary women who do extraordinary things, become a heroine, and find love along the way.

Twitter: @cm_doporto

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