Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Title: Into the Storm's Domain Series: Across the Stonewind Sky (Book 1) Author: Ged Maybury Genre: Fantasy/Steampunk Publisher: Satalyte Publishing Release Organizer: Wolf Paw Blog Tours
Ged Maybury originally trained in architecture and worked in the building industry, then switched to being a stage actor and playwright, which lead him to becoming an author. He has written 17 published sci-fi and comedy books, and has twice been a finalist in the NZ Children's Book of the Year Awards (1994, 2001). His printed books sold in Canada, the UK, Australia and NZ. His digital books sell world-wide. Although never having any formal training in novel writing, he has undertaken some training in TV scripting and screenplay writing, and in 1998 gained a Diploma in Event Management – being one of the first in Australasia to do so. He currently writes Steampunk for young adults and adults alike, has recently produced his own music video, (– the theme to his latest book) and is currently in pre-production of a ten-minute short film and an adult-themed stage play, amongst other things.    
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From NZ Children’s Book Award 2-time Finalist Ged Maybury comes the first volume of an exciting new Steampunk trilogy 'Across the Stonewind Sky'. Into The Storm’s Domain is a rollicking ride set in an alternative Victorian era, and it delivers an A-to-Z of swashbuckling adventure: Action, Buxom Beauties, Cunning Contrivances, Enigmatic Emissaries, Heroics, Science, Villainy and Strange Zoology!
Jilted at the altar and determinedly British about it, Rodney Hoverrim embarks on the adventure of a lifetime – following his nation’s bravest (and most foolish) into the ‘Storm’s Domain’. But his airship adventure is barely under way before he is hijacked, and they in turn are attacked by sky pirates; twice! Now captive of the very vile villainess The Black Bitch, Rod must fight for his life as her fetid airship plummets towards the skyland of Vicaria – lair of its mad (and possibly evil) ruler Victor Vicario; well known for injecting his visitors with his latest concoctions. Out of the frying pan but not yet in Victor’s clutches, Rod must desperately deduce who his true allies are before it is too late – only to discover that Vicaria hides a veritable shipload of secrets, and seductive women!

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