Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Sin Circus

The Sin Circus
Everyone remembers their first trip to the circus--the home of fantasy and dreams. Where the idea that anything is possible meets a creative reality of alluring tricks and amazing acts of defiance. The big top is known for inspiring lust, awe, and happy memories, and now you'll see it like never before.

Some of today's hottest romance authors combine the decadent memories of the center ring with all the flavors in erotic fiction in The Sin Circus. Whether it's with a dominating Ringmaster, a lion tamer's bratty kittens, or a dark Harlequin King, this show is sure to shock the audience with its dazzling dares and tantalizing tales.

Jenn's review will be posted under each book title and description:

Dark Surrender by Rachel Firasek
He stole her control, but she hasn't completely surrendered her heart...yet.
Typically I dont like Dom/Sub stories, they just arent my cup of tea but I really loved how this story was more about them rather than their lifestyle. The depth of emotion was amazing you felt each of their turmoil and pain. I have heard of Subspace but this is the first to make it understood to me. 5/5

Claimed by the Blade by Mina Carter
He's waited years to claim her. Tonight, she's all out of excuses...
I loved this short! A sexy knife thrower and his lady! I loved that age plays no part in true love

Ring of Fire by Lacey Wolfe
The Ringmaster must figure out his feelings before his ballerina goes up in flames...
I enjoyed this story but I was lost on why Ramone felt he had to prove who he was to the cirus.

Unmasking Her Dom by Jennifer James
Tormented by touch, the King of the Harlequin resolves to release his bratty sub before she strips away the last barriers between them, and discovers his secret shame.
This story was longer than the others but it was such a compelling story that I didnt mind. I loved the Sub who stood up for what she wanted. Wonderful story! 5/5

The Bratty Lioness Tamer by April Angel
Two sexy female lovers. A new master ready to tame them. And the performance they'll never forget.
Start with a F/F and then add in a long lost M. I love a good menage. 

Sweet & Sticky by Sabrina Garie
Recipe for forever: Mix a flailing writer with a down-on-his-luck agent, toss in a pound of cotton candy and an empty bleacher. Let simmer.
I really enjoyed that this story was set in the audience and not necessarily part of the show. The characters were believable and Hot. The sex was WOW

Twice the Pleasure by Georgina DeBurca
As the bindings unravel, two brothers race to save the woman who has captured their hearts.
 To be honest, I didnt finish the story I was turned off on the two male M/C being brothers. 

With the Greatest of Ease by Anne Lange
He traded a trapeze and the catch of a lifetime for a life in a courtroom. Now he’ll share her, to catch her, one last time.
I enjoyed this story but would have liked it better if it was a m/f/m the whole way through. I felt bad for the sole male left out at the end.

I highly recommend this anthology. It has something to please everyone.

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  1. I love the circus but havent been in many years no idea whats my fave anymore

  2. Thank you so much for sharing in the fun!!! Hugs!