Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Cache of Killers by Rodd Clark

A Cache of Killers (A Brantley Colton Mystery)  by Rodd Clark


Brantley Colton never set out to be anything but normal...but with tragedy 

came transformation. In his search for peace he is confronted with the 

darker aspects of men’s souls and plagued by horrific murders at every 

turn. “Why does evil seem drawn to him like a wise virus contaminating his 

body?” In “A Cache of Killers” Colton runs across a ring of child abductors 

and killers and sets out to enact his own brand of justice…saving a life 

because his is so torn and tenuous.


Colton had driven around the damp canyons of downtown Portland, he 

had traipsed through residential streets and cruised blocks where drug 

addicts casts webs, wooing others to their dens, as spiders ingesting 

blood from the creepy-crawlies they preyed upon. He had seen most

portions of thecity where the tourists visited and observed parts where 

the natives didn’t venture, and through it all he was still amazed at how 

much the city could astound him.

The deaths of the boys had their affect, but it seemed unremarkable to 

him. The world still revolved, papers were still sold on the corner stands 

broadcasting additional information and tastier news, business men still 

walked carrying attaché cases along the downtown streets, and
preachers still held court from the pulpit on each and every corner and in 

every church…but few were obsessing over dead runaways and street 

urchins like Colton had been.

Somehow he suspected Art Peck was involved in the boy’s 

disappearances, but there was no proof to that. The only thing he had 

seen had been evidenced that Peck’s arrest for solicitation had been well-

founded. He was a sexual deviant and patron of those purveyors of 

human sexuality. But that still didn’t make him a killer. As boring as his time

spent trailing Peck had been, he rationalized he might have to do it again, 

choosing to wait until the upcoming weekend. If Peck was going to show 

him something, it might be then.


But Colton had done his best to live well after he ran from the events surrounding that murder. Traveling from state to state, in a drifty-nonsensical way, using all the money he had at his disposal, after all, he couldn’t take it with him. Colton would choose a random city on a map by the dropped weight of a finger on paper. It was that calculated, that precise! After pulling his car into town he would take up residence for a few days or a few weeks. Usually a ratty motel was where he had to call home. But on occasion he splurged with a stay in nicer digs, like he had chosen here in Portland. The Waterfront was a much nicer spot to call home than his usual, but Portland was a city Colton loved, so he would stay in a grander location for a change. When you have nothing but time to pull you forward, time becomes your only sidekick. It is ever present as something that is tenuous, and something that is mission. Colton could be dead tomorrow, so why not stay at nicer spots, while you could afford it? Then Colton has to consider that time is the only reason you are in a city in the first place, Portland included. There was no job; no remaining individual important in Brantley’s life, no one to spend time with, and nothing vital left to do at all. Time was a master with a whip who beat you at his whim. You are allowed a breather on occasion, while other times the whip was the hard reminder on your back and ass...that you were his bitch! 


Rodd Clark currently resides in Dallas TX.  He shares his life with numerous cats, dogs and his partner of many years.  He has projects under his belt and is working on many others.  Some of his works are “There Is Always Another Boogey Man”, “Jesse”, “Justice Denied”, “Short Ride to Hell” and the recently completed “A Cache of Killers”.  Already penning his next work, Rodd likes to keep busy with writing and reading and of course his menagerie of critters.

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