Wednesday, July 2, 2014


A hypnotic coin, a sure bet, and a
woman willing to succumb.

negative body image is killing her marriage. She doesn't believe her husband
Lucas when he says she's desirable, especially since their sex life is

Lucas has a
radical solution to their problems—hypnosis. Emily was wild in her college days
and he's convinced she can be wild again with a little help from a so-called
magic coin. While college was a lifetime and several dress sizes ago, she's
willing to play along. She'll experiment with friends, neighbors, coworkers and
whoever else Lucas chooses if it means renewing their wedded bliss.

She knows
the coin is a fraud and hypnosis isn't real…but what Emily knows and what
really happens when Lucas uses the magic coin are two totally different things.
And what happens is sex so mind-blowing neither Lucas nor Emily will ever be
the same.

Inside Scoop: This
title contains lesbian and ménage (m/f/m and f/f/m) sex scenes so steamy
they'll leave you gasping for air.

Bambi Review:
 What happens when a man misses the wife he married?
He doesn't want a mistress just her. Lucas goes to the extreme.
He puts all his hope into a magical coin and instructions to hypnotize
his wife into being the freak he married.

Kids gone for the summer with their grandparents what is Emily
do to?
She is so self-consciousness about going from a 6 to a 12 she has let it 
get in the way of her love life for years.
Even to have sex the lights have to be off.

When Lucas shows Emily the coin she makes a deal with him if
this doesn't work he has to go to the wedding he doesn't want to 
attend of a old girlfriend.
He has 28 days to put her under hypnoses or he is going. If he wins 
2 weeks of blow jobs on a daily bases.

The one rule he can't get her to do anything she hasn't ever done before.
Does this work, can their marriage get out the slump will the coin do the 
trick or will the marriage counselor be in their future?

  This book was a lot of sex for a woman who had done just about everything under the sun in collage I just wish that the plot was a little more. Her husband loved her enough to try a magic coin to get his wife back. Which i liked and thought a great idea.

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