Saturday, July 12, 2014

Choosing Happy,
Book 3 of the More Than Friends series, is finally released.


This is Steve's story. It can be read as a standalone novel or after reading More Than Friends and Drunk in Love.

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Here is a little excerpt:

It’s just after six and I’m ready to close up but I haven’t seen little duck yet so I organize my shelves one more time and wait for my daily dose of heaven. 

Little duck isn’t actually his name, of course, but since I’ve only spoken to him once, I don’t know what his name is.

And, like clockwork, there he is in a black cashmere sweater and black skinny slacks. His shoulder length hair is so blond it’s almost white and fine enough that I can imagine it tickling me if it brushed against my skin.

He would be a perfect vision if it wasn’t for the uptight prick he’s always walking just a stride behind.

They pass by every weeknight at exactly six ten. Never earlier. Never later. Always the same. If I had to guess, the prick is probably some type A business man that is so regimented, his boy spends a lot of time waiting around for him.

The only time my little duck has ever come to my window was about a month ago. It was three in the afternoon on a Saturday and he was alone, wearing an Oregon Ducks t-shirt. I’ve never seen him in casual clothes before or since, and his carefree smile made an impression.

He’s maybe twenty-three or twenty-four. Only a few years younger than me but I feel like an old man when I look at his porcelain skin and angelic blue eyes. I’ve spent more than a few nights picturing those eyes staring up at me from between my thighs.

But that’ll never happen. He’s very obviously taken, and the only signs I’ve seen that he wants for anything is that deep whiff he takes of the sugar laced air every time he passes my window. I don’t know why they don’t stop more often if the kid wants a damn waffle but it’s not my business.

So, like a ship in the night, my little duck passes by, inhaling deeply as he goes. My ego tries to convince me he's added a glance my way but I know I’m projecting. I want him to look at me and see beyond my tattoos and practically shaved head. To see beyond the scars and the flaws, both physical and emotional.

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