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Sterling Sunshine by Cheryl Dragon

Title: Sterling Sunshine

Author: Cheryl Dragon

Genre: MMMF Erotic Romance

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Gretchen isn’t in Sterling to find men. At least she keeps telling herself that. She has a new job to do promoting local businesses. Still, she can’t resist hoping she’ll find the right group of hot men to really make her dreams come true. She already has her eye on a certain

sexy trio, and when they fail to make the first move, she uses work to make a meeting happen. Alaska is definitely bringing out her bolder side.

Tony and Ross are eager to date and seduce the voluptuous beauty but their third lover is a roaming pilot with notoriously bad timing. Do they count him in or out? Should they wait for him to show up or move on her? The attraction proves too hard to resist, but Matt turns up just in time to make it a foursome. It complicates the relationship but adds to the passion. Besides, love and lust aren’t practical.

The deeper Gretchen gets into the lives of her three men, the more she knows they need to be shaken up and she’s just the woman to do it!

Check out the first book in the series:

Melody's stuck in Sterling, Alaska over the holidays, sewing custom dresses for her friend’s wedding. She'll do anything for her friends and is determined to be the best maid of honor she can be. There are just a few very sexy distractions. 

Dale, Jason, and Ryan are lovers with an eye out for the right woman to complete their family. They're happy to let Melody use space to make the dresses, but Dale especially doesn’t expect the perfect woman for them to show up in their small town. How are they going to explain Sterling's unusual relationships. Even so, the trio is definitely interested in more than simply helping out with the wedding but can they win Melody over? 

Melody has never been anywhere like Sterling—where group relationships are a tradition. She can’t pass up the experience of three hot men in bed but rearranging her life for

them, or any man, is a ridiculous idea. Normal marriages don’t last and she’s had repeat wedding dress clients to prove it. What the quad has is more than sex but they have a lot of baggage to sort through for her to make it a Sterling New Year.

Bambi Review:
Gretchen new to Sterling,Alaska to help a friend drum up business for her dress shop and her boyfriends boat repair meets 3 men. Which for this town is nothing new for people to be in relationships. 

First is Ross the mayor of Sterling. She meets with him to bring tourism to the for front to help with her friends businesses. He has had his sights set on her since he first saw her at a wedding.

Next is Tony one of the local paramedics on the rescue squad. Ross and tony have been together for years. Trying to find a women to make them one.

Last is Matt here today gone tomorrow, his job first and for most in his life just like his dad. Work hard to make sure he can provide for the people that matter the most Tony and Ross.

Tony and Ross decide to take a chance and ask Gretchen out because they are tired of waiting for Matt to come home from his latest plane trip out of town.

Can these 4 figure out how to make things work at home and with there jobs to become a complete family or will the lose the chance to have them all in this unit and be together?

This is a very well written story and plot i really enjoyed the book and how one women is just what these oh so sexy men needed. The hot sex was great with them mixing up who was with who and a nice curvy girl to make it all the more. I look forward to the next book in the series.

      4 Flaming Dudes

A lover of unusual things, Cheryl Dragon enjoys 

writing unique stories with sinfully hot erotic 

romance. Her two favorite settings are Las Vegas and 

New Orleans...where anything can happen! Cheryl 

lives in the Chicagoland area with her deaf albino cat. 

By day she analyzes numbers for a division of a large 

international conglomerate, which leaves the creative 

juices free for her erotic romance novels.

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