Monday, December 15, 2014

Diana's Magic


Finding Her True Potential.

“Diana Elizabeth, you are a very powerful sorceress, it is true. And you may not ever need to know these things. However, there may come a time in your life when knowledge of this backwards way of doing things could come in handy, when your powers are diminished and you cannot perform to
your full ability.” “Aunt, when would that possibly ever happen to me?”
“Diana it could happen anytime a demon is near or a follower has attached itself to you.”

Being one of the most powerful sorceresses in the world is a challenge for sixteen year old Diana. Still haunted by the evil forces who kidnapped her in infancy, she is taught to fight those who want to steal
from her everything she loves.

One night during what was supposed to be a teenagers rebellious night out, she encounters a sight that rocks her to her knees. Diana runs away angry, veering off the normal path, a small accident leaves her unconscious. When she wakes she finds herself in a strange new place. Everyone seems to be joyful and content in this place called Shae’lan. What awaits Diana in this happy place will not only leave her wanting
more, it will also have her questioning her life’s decisions. Two men will determine Diana’s fate. One is Evil, One is Good. Both will be a factor in determining the rest of her life.


Diana was not a great beauty. She was pretty, even called cute upon occasion when she had been at a ball or party where young men were present. She thought her face was too round and her breasts overly large for her age. Her reigning glory was her long black wavy hair and mysterious light blue eyes. Her petite frame held voluptuous curves in all the right places. Except for her thighs—she hated her thick thighs and calves. Thank goodness for nineteenth century fashion, she didn’t have to show her legs. They were always covered with a dress, except for when her family time traveled to their farmhouse in rural Lexington, Kentucky in the Twenty-First century.  

She was part of a unique society of time travelers. Her life, to this point, had been full of surprises and blessings. She had been kidnapped twice as a newborn by evil minions. Then she had been thrown into a carpet bag, taken aboard a ship, traveled to France, all the while suffering from hunger, cold and neglect. However, today she was not so sure about the blessings part. Diana was dressed in a dark red tunic over a bell sleeved white under dress. Her taste in clothing was rather medieval. No one seemed to mind how she dressed when she was running about at home.
“Mamma, oh the most glorious news has come from Aunt Misty in Romania. She wishes for me to visit her home now that I have turned sixteen. She says I am of an age now where I should be taught all about my special talents.”
Duncan rose from his chair behind the desk. Concern marred his handsome face. At age thirty- seven, one would swear the chiseled good looks and body of this man were that of a twenty-one-year-old. A tall man, he stood six feet, three inches and towered over everyone in his family. He came from a long line of handsome distinguished gentlemen, who worked hard and loved even harder.
When Diana was born he instantly fell in love with her. As she grew he realized she would be very independent. He knew the time would come when his beautiful little princess Diana would have to grow up and move on with her life. He just wasn’t prepared for it to be now. It was evident he would be losing her very soon.
He asked her, “Diana, are you sure this is what you want to do, my princess? You know you can always stay here with your mother, Michael, and I. We will make sure you have a proper education and all the fine things in life which you require.”
“Oh, Papa, you know I will miss you all terribly.
However, I must go. I need to find out more about myself, my heritage, my birthright.”
“Let me see the letter,” her mother asked, holding out her slender hand. Diana gave it to her hesitantly, knowing her mother would not like what it contained.
Troianne read through the letter with a grimace on her face. “It seems your uncle Becker will be here in two days to take you to Romania. You will attend day school with your cousin Rheanon and will study with Aunt Misty in the evenings. I am not happy about this being sprung on us, as we are unprepared for losing you so soon.” Tears started to form in Troianne’s beautiful sea green eyes. 

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