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Age of The Aura (Champions Of Power Series 1)

Age of The Aura (Champions Of Power Series 1)


Nothing was more powerful than an Aura. It was a coveted might of celestial creation and the Blessed Galaxy had five of them. For millennia, the governing bodies harnessed the Auras while ruling their respective reaches of space. They 
were almost untouchable. But now they face the threat of a calamity from an unlikely source, which could shake the lives of all. Lowen Vars, a devout man of science, decides to take on the burden of saving the Galaxy. But he soon realizes the difficulty of playing the role of a hero while he begins the fateful saga of the Blessed Galaxy.


Lowen proceeded to the Assembly House while dragging Brill on his shoulder, thinking it to be the best bet for safety. Maneuvering was difficult, though, fighting through an onrush of people proved challenging and his weight was nearly doubled due to his grandfather’s tall frame pressing in on him, but he could not quit.
“All right. Easy now,” Lowen said, plodding one foot at a time while trying to avoid the now vast number of chairs that had been knocked over.
“I knew it! I felt it!” Brill yelled.
“Stay quiet, Grandfather. We can make it!” “Quiet? Yes, of course.”
Lowen felt this was a test for his newly promoted

self, carefully make it to safety or risk being struck and with Brill on his back both their lives would be no more. There was no timing to the process due to the nature of the lightning as Lowen realized. Pinpointing the moment of each strike was not possible for him to calculate on the spot.
“Can you see anything, Grandfather?”
It appeared he had nodded off again.
The scene was saddening for Lowen as he watched 
the crowds of people. All of them tried to avoid the Aura’s dealings of death in their own unique ways but rational thinking was proving too difficult. The shoving and trampling only added to the violence of the situation.
Brill’s day of recognition had now turned into something else entirely, with his speech becoming forgotten altogether.
Lowen found an opportunity, though, and took the moment to pause and think, having made very little progress toward the Assembly House. He accidentally looked to the skies but only saw it flooded with bodies being shot to the atmosphere once struck by the Aura, enough of them for him to believe the nightmare of his reality.
“Hey! Over here!”
One of Lowen’s fellow physicists was bellowing out to him from underneath the archway of one of the city’s towers, joined by a few others. Gladly, Lowen made his way over to them, leaving his path to the House for a location that was much farther than he had thought. His moment of relief diminished once he heard an excruciating cry from a woman nearby. A bolt of lightning from the Aura had just struck at the base of the planet’s oldest memorial. The Aura had broken its own limit of reach as it destroyed the sculpture of the Imperium’s first Lord.
Lowen stood in dismay as he watched the monument fall forcefully to the ground. He removed his sight once it hit, hearing it crush a dozen or so citizens upon impact.
A rush of people fled from the scene instantly, heading straight in the direction of both him and Brill. Seeing this shot adrenaline into Lowen’s veins, and he
hastened his way to the archway, adamant on reaching it, but speed was a necessity which he greatly lacked. He and Brill were then knocked onto the ground by the onslaught of people, and there they lay, sprawled and separated.
Lowen’s back afflicted him from the harsh contact he made, with the pain swelling its way outward from the center of his back but shortly subsiding. He managed to return to his feet and shockingly saw Brill already up and away at a distance. Strangely, though, Brill was facing the area of the stage and appeared to be walking back toward it.
“Grandfather! Over here!”
Brill did not even break course when he heard him calling. He instead held his hands out to the sides of his body in a presentable fashion, as though he were waiting to receive a hug in return. He also closed his eyes, walking away with a calm and steadied pace.
“Lowen, you must come now!” his colleague yelled from the archway, now with even less room for protection.
“Grandfather! What are you doing?”
With the courtyard nearly vacant, Brill was nearing the stage once again and became the main focus of those watching. Eyes still shut and hands held out, Brill blindly walked up the steps onto the stage without missing a single step. Something else was guiding him.
Brill at last responded by turning back to look from the stage. He gave Lowen an eerie smile and furthered it by giving him a wink of the eye. Turning back around, Brill stretched out his hands even more.
“It will be all right,” Brill said, advancing on the Aura. “I am ready.” “No!”
A bolt of lightning then struck Brill’s body and suddenly it was over for him in the split of a second. Lowen collapsed to his knees while wailing and reached an arm out toward the sky as Brill’s body shot out of the planet’s atmosphere. 

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