Friday, May 1, 2015

BLOG TOUR- May 1st- 7th
Author: Jennifer Raygoza
Title: The Silver Lining
Series: No. Stand alone
Genre: Romance
Release Date: Saturday MAY 5TH, 2015
Publishing House: Hot Ink Press

About me: Jennifer Raygoza also known as the rebel of writing, burst through the writing scene in 2012 with a vampire series called, The Guardians. It was a story originally written just for fun, but ended up being self-published out of curiosity. Little did she know the series would be strongly embraced by vampire reader’s. Since then this down to earth, California girl has been picked up by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. She has recently released two short stories and a poetry book that includes work from her youth. 


She break hearts, kills bad guys and gives you characters that make you fall in love. This writer will have you turning pages and thirsting for more.


“Excuse me. My name is Mary Riverton. I’m head of the Neighborhood Watch, and I should let you know that whatever you’re selling we don’t need it on this street. There is absolutely no solicitation allowed here.” I tried to cut her off to say that I wasn’t a salesman, but she wouldn’t let me. “Don’t even think about breaking in around here either. I have the police on speed dial, and I’m very close friends with the chief. So, no funny business, understand?”
 “You must be new around here.” I crossed my arms and stared at her.
“Pardon me,” She puckered her big, red lips at me, and pulled her dog closer to her chest.
“My name is James King. I’m Victoria’s other son. I just got back into town. I live right here.” I threw my thumb over my shoulder. 
“Oh my goodness. I thought you were a crazy hoodlum casing out our street.”
“What would give you that impression, Mary?”
“Well…you just…you look…I thought…Oh never mind.”
I squinted my eyes at her, and rubbed my chin.
“First impressions are rough, right? I almost thought you were propositioning me for sex when you walked over. Silly me. It must have been that low cut top, and those hooker shoes you have on. The red hair alone screams escort to be honest.”

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