Friday, July 10, 2015

Hello Dear readers, Today C.A. Jonelle brings to you the amazing Cover Reveal for her Second Book Zayne

Zayne is the Second Book on the Twisted Epiphany Series.

If you haven't read the first one Zaryk I think you should be getting them both 

Here a little teaser for the book

Here the Cover and Back Cover, the book looks gorgeous

and I leave you with the Blurb For Zayne

Time heals all wounds right? Eventually you'll just mend that hole in your heart and it'll be like nothing ever happened. Zayne thought so. Sex and alcohol can make you forget ... for a short period of time at least. True love doesn't exist. He has no time for it. Meaningless sex is the way to go.

Until he meets Alivia. The sexy nurse who had a hand in the care of his brother, Zaryk. Alivia is everything he could ever want in a woman. She's sexy, confident, smart, and willing to be around him at his worst ... and right now he's at an all-time low. A horrible accident has brought him back to the hospital where she works and he's thrust into emotions he never thought he'd feel again. Not since .... her. 

Will Alivia break down the walls that surround the infamous sex fiend that is Zayne Hunter? Or will she push him away even further? 

This is the second story in the 'Twisted Epiphany' series that follows Zaryk, Zayne, Zayden, Deklan, and Kreed as they take their band from small town success to world-wide phenomenon. 

I hope everyone can enjoy the book, Remember it's a +18 series so you can come around a lot of sexy scenes and swearing here and there. 

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