Friday, October 23, 2015

COVER REVEAL! Mortality Lost by Shannon Bell

Back cover blurb:

“He smelled of sod and earth in a surprisingly intoxicating way. I took a step away and my back landed against one of the cold stones in the circle.”

Dylan has big decisions to make in Mortality Lost. She’s ready to become a vampire and must decide when she is going to lose her mortality. Vampires are running rampant in the city with their wedding invites in hand and this is putting her at risk. While Nico, Olivier, and Costin work to keep her safe, it may not be enough. Will she be able to get the Celtic bloodline and be turned by Nico? Will she be able to handle her blood thirst? Find out if Dylan will be happy once and for all. The culmination of her experiences are explored in the final novel, so how will it all end? Read the Amazon bestselling series today!

The pre-order link is: and the book goes LIVE on December 7, 2015!

Shannon Bell

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