Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Getting to Know Felice Stevens

Welcome to our Getting to Know feature!
This week, get to know the authors from the Memories of the Breakfast Club Kindle World!
Based on the Bestselling M/M Romance books from Felice Stevens, welcome new characters and stories from other authors! In each post, you'll hear directly from the author on special topics, about why they wrote for this world, or something interesting about their story!

Get to know Felice Stevens!

"I hadn't decided to write a story for the launch of the Kindle world but i got caught up in the excitement of the other authors' stories. I'd asked my reader group who they'd most like to read a  new story about and the consensus was Nick and Julian. I love second chance stories and those two always held a special place in my heart.

A few of us were at RT this year in Atlanta, sitting at the bar (as usual) when an idea popped into my head. We always read books about the couples coming together, but what happens after the happy ending? And I knew there was lots more to Nick and Julian's story. A title came to me-Controlled Burn-which I didn't end up using, but the premise of the story, Nick and Julian struggling through that first year with themselves and each other, was all there. I didn't want it to be too angsty, and wanted to show a little bit of fun in the bedroom.

Just a note. I started writing notes on my phone and Lane Hayes, who was sitting next to me when the idea hit, knew exactly what was happening. 
"Got a storyline?" she said to me.
I got typing away as we finished our margaritas."

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