Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Collar Me Pink

 Collar Me Pink Only 
4 out 4 Reviews all 5 stars!!!!

Allison McAnders never imagined her boss would open her mail, and Graham Taiden never thought he’d have a submissive’s collar on his desk, but when the delivery man leaves, they’re both left with a fight between pleasure, pain, and their careers. Choices blend, passions ignite, and only love will guide them down the right path.

Tucked away in the heart of Central Texas, with the loving support of her husband and three children, Rachel dusted the cobwebs from her craft. Returning to those twisted regions of her mind, she creates dark urban fantasies and soul-searching paranormal romance.

Read some of the reviews:

Erin McFarland says:
Awesomely hot and well written for a mere 17 pages. Characters are intriguing and leave you wanting more. Graham and Allison need their own book! And that last line is killer! Fun, steamy, and in pure Rachel Firasek style...amazingly good!!

Arch Angel says:
What do you do when your office infatuation isn’t one sided? You go for it; right?
While this is only a very short read, the author has provided realistic characters, who have harboured a combustible attraction to each other for over 7 months, but never crossed the line due to workplace protocol.
However, when an innocent mistake enables them to pursue their irrefutable desire, all bets are off and their sexual magnetism ignites into a full-blown inferno!
I really do hope that the author intends to give us more of this alluring couple, as these 17 pages were barely enough!

K.M Whittaker says:

 Rachel Firasek never disappoints.
Collar Me Pink is only 17 pages long , but within these pages, Rachel is able to give us characters that ooze sex appeal, and smoking hot chemistry that will not only have your loins tingling but have you hot and bothered.
For all those who like a little BDSM in there reads, it is lightly touched within these pages. What we do get is short taste of what I'm sure those who enjoy Kink would like but certainly leave you wanting more !!!!
There are hot scenes that for the right person could induce moments of fantasy or leaving you frantically flipping for more. I know that this story certainly had my motor runnin '
A well delivered short erotica, with smoking hot chemistry , The sex is hot and has a wonderfully natural feel to it, very realistic in the world of Kink and for many - every girls dream . (( har har Loved the closing line ))
I recommend to all who enjoy a short quickee erotica - but be warned IT WILL LEAVE YOU WANTING MORE!!

Lisa McGeen says:
 This is a quick hot story but don't let you hold you back from taking in the character development that happens in just 17 pages. It is much harder for an author to impress me in a short story than a full length book and Rachel Firasek does it in Collar Me Pink. There is character development on both Graham and Allison's sides of this story. There is a plot and it's not just sexy rather a background that is developed along side the unexpected package and change of direction in these lives.

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