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Interview with Tony Ramirez and Jane Donovan from Wolf Protector

Yesterday we gave you a bit of information on Wolf Protector and what we thought of it.  I (sheri) confess to having a crush on on one of my two guests today.  These two are my favorite characters and I think you won't be disappointed in this awesome interview.  so without further adieu here is our interview with

Tony Ramirez and Jane Donovan from
Wolf Protector
(You guys are in for a real treat, these two are a handfull.  I feel for Brock!)
Jenn: “Today we are joined by Jane Donovan and Tony Ramirez from Milly Taiden’s Wolf Protector.”
Sheri:  “Welcome guys, thank you for being here with Jenn and I.  We are going to start right in with our interrogation, as we are very impatient.” 
Sheri: “First off do you prefer to be called Ramirez or Tony?”
Ramirez: *winks* “Either works.”
Jenn: *elbows sheri* “that wink is for me”
Sheri: *rolls eyes* “Anyways Jane, what can you tell us about yourself?  I know no spoilers, but can you give us a little detail about who you are and what makes you tick?”
Jane: “I’m a systems expert. I’m a bit of a loner because in my family I’m the only one with my gift. Not sure if it’s a gift or a curse, but it’s something that none of the others have. I have learned to be independent so I don’t take sexist crap lightly.”
Ramirez: *snorts*
Jane: “Something to add Ramirez?”
Ramirez:She wants me.”
Jenn: Ahem! “Ramirez, What can you tell us about yourself?  I know again no spoilers, but can you give us a little detail about who you are and what makes you tick?”
Ramirez: “I am wild, untamed and always in the ready to protect those who need it.”
Jane: *rolls eyes* mumbles “wild and untamed” *snort* more like annoying manwhore”
Sheri:  “Do we need to separate you two, or call in Milly or Brock?”
Jane:  “I will behave if he does” mumbles “if he can”
Ramirez: *sexy smirk* “we can misbehave together later”
Jenn: *raises hand* “ME! ME!”
Sheri: *SIGH* “All the members of your team have special abilities.  Would you care to give a guess on what their abilities are?  Other then the guys being womanizers for course…”
Jane: “I know what all are. It goes along with my gift.”
Jenn: mumbles “cocky bitch”
Jane: “I heard that”
Sheri: *shoots Jenn a nasty look* “shut it!” *turns back to Jane* “Excuse her, she didn’t take her nice pills today”
Ramirez: *chuckles* “I am aware of what Erica and Trent are. Jane is…a damn hardheaded woman. And Brock seems to know it all, so I have no idea.”
Sheri: *humph* mumbles “Ass, insult Jane like that”
Jenn: *laughing hysterically* “How did you guys become members of this team?” 
Jane: “I had a bit of an accident and Brock met me in a hospital. He came through and talked me into joining.”
Sheri: *gasps*
Ramirez: *glances over at Jane* “But you’re OK?”
Jane: *flushed* “Er…yes”
Sheri: *Smiles* “So, tell us how you joined Ramirez”
Ramirez: “Trent and I were recruited at the same time while fighting some Other behind a club alley.”
Sheri: “Who is your closest ally on the team?” 
Jane: “So far I’m not very close to anyone, but if I had to pick it would be Brock. We work cases together often and he understands me.”
Sheri: *mumbles under breath*
Jenn: “What was that Sheri?”
Sheri: “Nothing I am going to repeat here.”
Ramirez: “Trent. He knows what I am. Understands me and has my back.”
Jenn: *winks* “I got your back baby”
Ramirez: *laughs* “Maybe we’ll test that theory another time” *winks*
Jane: *glares at Ramirez*
Jenn: “What can you tell us about Brock?  He seems to be a sort of fatherly figure in a way.  Supporting each of you and refereeing as needed.”
Ramirez: “There’s not much I can say other than he’s always been a leader. Though lately he seems aggravated. Something we’ve never seen in him.”
Jenn: “I have theories”
Sheri: *rolls eyes* “I am sure you do.”
Jane: “Brock is…older than the rest of us. So he’s seen more in his lifetime. He knows what we need and that’s what helps this team succeed.”
Jenn: “Hhhhmmm interesting pause there”
Sheri: *glances at Jenn* “We have to ask this question, it can’t wait any longer.  When Tony walks through the bathroom while you are in the shower, what was running through your mind?  Mad, excited, a little bit of both?”
Jane: “For a second I was stunned, then angry when I saw the interest in his eyes. Figured he’d want to see me for my body but has never bothered to get to know me better.” *Mumbles* “He is sexy, but don’t tell him I said that.”
Sheri: *mumbles* “lucky bastard”
Jenn: “What? I don’t get the fascination.”
Ramirez: *laughs*
Jenn: “We have been dying to know this answer, as have many others.  Ramirez, we know what your ability is, and you know what your ability is.  So, WHY did you walk in on Jane in the shower?”
Ramirez: *grins* “To see her of course. Imagine knowing someone with the body of a goddess is right next door, showering, talking to herself about you…I couldn’t resist.”
Jenn: *snorts* “goddess, really?”
Sheri: *sneers* “conceited much”
Jenn: *glares at sheri*
Sheri: *glares at jenn*
Jane: “Who the hell said I was talking about you?!”
Ramirez: “I have ears baby”
Jane: “well you need to get your ears checked. You’re listening to stuff that isn’t being said.”
Sheri: *in an outraged voice* “Did you sneak a peek?!?!”
Ramirez: “Sneak?”*grins* This was a full frontal assault. And boy was it worth it.”
Jane: *Gasps* “I knew you were a pig, but seriously?”
Ramirez: “What? What’d I say? You’re gorgeous and I’d do it again if the chance presented itself.”
Jane: *sputters* “Why you-you-you”
Ramirez: “I know sweetheart.” *winks*
Sheri: “When Jane was chewing you out for walking in on her, you sat there with a grin on your face taking it in stride.  What were you thinking?  *outraged tone of voice* “Were you envisioning her naked?”
Ramirez: *smirks: “Hell yes! She’s fiery and watching her eyes shoot sparks and tell me what she’d do to me (which I knew was a lie) because I know she liked me watching her, was better than anything I’ve ever had happen.”
Jenn: “Ass”
Sheri: *laughs and shoots Jenn a smirk*
Jenn: “Ok, guys now we get to the meaty questions that everyone is dying to know….”
Ramirez and Jane: *groans*
Sheri and Jenn: *grins evilly and laughs*
Jenn: “Jane, what do you really think of Ramirez?”
Jane: “He’s a cocky bastard that loves to piss me off. He’s annoying, aggravating, sexy, and his whole quirking his lip to the side makes me angry and turned on at the same time. It’s a damn pain.”
Ramirez: “Did you just admit I turn you on?”
Jane: “You are hearing things.”
Sheri: “Ramirez, what do you think of Jane?”
Ramirez: “I can’t tell you much more than she’s one hot, frustrated woman and I look forward to the day I can help her unwind.”
Jane:  “Dream on, manwhore.”
Sheri:  “Sorry, I am jumping in on this one” *smirks at Jenn* “What is your idea of a perfect date, Jane?”
Jane: *laughs* “A person who is interested in listening more than talking. Who will know when silence is necessary and who will never lie to me.”
Jenn and Sheri:  “good answer” *grudgingly said by jenn*
Jenn: “Same question to you Ramirez and you better not say a quickie in the ladies restroom!” *whispers* “I will meet you in the ladies room”
Ramirez: *laughs* “Anywhere I can look deep into a woman’s eyes and see her desire for me grow with each breath she takes. Location doesn’t matter. The person does.”
Sheri: *sigh* “that was so awesome!”  *grumbles* “Guess you aren’t a total ass”
Jenn: *Big Sigh* “So romantic”
Sheri: *nudges Jenn* “You wanted to ask this one, remember”
Jenn: *blushes* “Ramirez, What do you look for in your significant other?”
 Ramirez: Fire. Wit. A woman who knows her mind and isn’t afraid to use it.
Jenn: “and you Jane, same question”
Jane: Integrity, honesty and the ability to understand that I am different.
Sheri:  “Ok guys’ last question….If you were stranded in old abandoned rundown house for the night with no way out.  Who is the one person you would want to be there with you?”
Ramirez: “Why Jane of course, she’d keep it interesting.” *smirks*
Jane: *rolls eyes at Ramirez* “I can never be locked in. ;)”
Jenn: “Ramirez thanks for joining us today, I had a blast talking with you, oh yeah, you too Jane.”
Sheri: *glares at Jenn* “Bitch, knock it off!”  Jane, Ramirez it has been a blast talking to you both today.  I can’t wait to see what your next case is going to be. In the meantime good luck and we will see you next time”
Jenn: *whispers to Ramirez* “Ladies room 5 minutes”
Thank you everyone for stopping by and checking out the interview.  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed doing the interview. 

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  2. In Milly's World, I can be single!