Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fly, Pray, Love
Kerry Taylor

 Genre: Romantic Comedy
ISBN-10: 1484004930
ISBN-13: 978-1484004937

Number of pages: 130
Word Count:  55,000


 Book Description:
Josephine is in her mid-thirties and is fed up that she has never been love.
On a trip to Bahamas, she has the pleasure of sitting next to Robert, or in her eyes, Brad Pitt.

Robert, who is in an unhappy long term relationship with another woman, develops a soft spot for the woman he nicknames Beyoncé. .
This is the first of many trips, but will they ever reunite? Will it be too late for their high-flying attraction if they do?

US meets UK in this cross-Atlantic romance.


Short Excerpt: 
Excerpt of Josephine at her Aunt's burial:
“The church has no money, we need a new roof. We could not afford to have two separate funerals, so we are having one funeral today. Two separate families, but your loved ones are united in heaven.”

“We have locked the door because this funeral will not end until you give us enough money to buy our new roof.”

I do not know whether to laugh or cry. Am I the only one hearing this? Everyone starts digging in their purse to give money, agreeing the church needs a new roof. The church needs a new roof. I need a new kitchen, let me get one hundred people, hold them hostage in my house, and tell them they cannot leave till they pay for it!

This is what I am screaming at my family, has everyone just got mad!

They accuse me of disrespecting the church. Excuse me, am I the one kidnapping people in the name of God?

About the Author:
Kerry Taylor was born in London. Currently, she resides in Madrid with her three children. She is often found either writing in her local park or, if the weather is bad, which is not often in Madrid, in Starbucks. She has written several poetry books and romantic comedies.

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