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Karolyn James wants to tell you about the Men of  Brothers of Rock:
Meet the band – Chasing Cross – appearing in the first five book of the Brothers of Rock series!

In the first book of the series – All Access – it introduces the band and introduces leader singer, Johnnie. He meets a woman who doesn’t know who he is and they fall for each other. The story is flirty and fun with the undertones of what it’s like to be a successful rockstar. Johnnie is sexy and rich, but he faces a lot of troubles. And with Jess, he realizes anything is possible.

 With the second book – Broken Sound – Davey faces a real situation. A woman shows up at his hotel room with a baby claiming he’s the father. The flirty and fun feeling from All Access is quickly shaken away here. The book is deep as Davey tries to decide what the right to do is… and on top of that, he falls for a woman who isn’t the mother of the baby. There’s plenty of twists and turns in the book, including an attempted murder!

The release of Bitter Farewell brings Danny’s journey back home after he and Johnnie’s father dies. (Johnnie and Danny are blood brothers.) While Johnnie is able to make peace quick and the band is eager to get back to getting ready for their tour and recording, Danny can’t let it go. When he left town, he left a woman behind. And fate steps in, bringing them back together. This romance book explores love through heartache and proves the true power of time.

The fourth book will follow bassist, Chris, as he goes back in time to follow through on a promise he made when he – and Chasing Cross – were still young. And finally, the end Chasing Cross’s set of books, drummer Rick will face a decision that can – and will – change the direction of the entire band. Both those books will be released before the end of 2013!


At the counter, Jess slipped her phone into her bag and placed her order.

Before the barista behind the counter could give her the total, a hand appeared at the counter with money.

“Add the same to that order,” a voice said.

Jess looked over her shoulder and saw what could possibly be the sexiest man she had ever seen in her life.  He was tall with a defined chin, piercing eyes, and the scruff of a face in badly need of a shave.  His lips were thin but curvy and as the right side started to move into a little smile, Jess felt her mouth start to open.

“On me,” the man whispered.  “Just do me a favor and bring the coffee to the table in the corner.”

Jess looked back to the money.  The stranger tapped the bill on the counter and then slithered away.

“Is that all?” the barista asked.

Jess eyed the man as he walked away, keeping his head down. 

“I guess so,” she whispered.

Jess carried the two cups of coffee to the back table.  There the stranger sat with his back to Jess, a hand near his face.  He looked like he was trying to disguise himself.  It worried Jess as she grew closer. 

Was something wrong with him?

Was he some kind of crazy man?

Her mind thought of things she’d seen in the news, not to mention the author in her that never stopped working. 

Couldn’t this be a book plot?

Strange guy in a café, eyeing people?

When he turned and Jess saw the outline of his face, she almost dropped the coffee.  He was gorgeous.  From the side, with the light of the sun glistening on his face, he had the look of a statue.  

But he could move.

And talk.

And he did.

“Ah, thank you so much,” he said, reaching for one of the coffees.

“It’s just black,” Jess said.  “Wasn’t sure how you liked it.”

“After last night, black will do the trick.”

He smiled, showing a set of dimples that formed more dimples.  His chin pulled when he smiled, and the power of his eyes starting to burn into Jess’s memory.

She swore to herself that she was memorizing the man’s sexy features for her own work.  She could use a guy like this in one of her novels.  But after a few seconds of gawking, she realized she teetered on the line of being creepy herself.

“Got change for me?” the man asked.

“Oh, change.  No.  I gave it to... the...”

“I’m only kidding,” the man said, smiling.  “Here.  Sit down for a minute.”

“No.  I don’t want to bother you.”

“Sure you do.  Sit down.”

His eyes were dark and deep.  A sense of honesty came through them.  Jess couldn’t believe how suddenly comfortable she felt, considering this was a total stranger.  But even still, she took a step to the small round table and sat down.

Her hands were folded around her coffee.  Her laptop bag still on her shoulder.

“You could put your bag down,” the man said.  “I won’t bite.  I promise.”

“Do you often bite people?” Jess asked.

“Only when tempted.”

He was fast.  He was smooth.

Jess’s mouth ran dry. 

Without breaking her stare from the man’s eyes, she lowered her laptop bag to the floor.

“Working today?” the man asked, pointing to the bag.

“Something like that,” Jess said.  “I’m a writer.”

“A writer?  What do you write?”

Why was this guy asking questions? 

Jess tried to lift her coffee cup but found her hands were shaking.  Shaking from what?  Fear?  Anticipation?  Because the man sitting across from her had a dreamy face?

“I write books,” Jess said.

“Write books or are they published?”

“What does that mean?”

“Okay.  I play guitar...”

Jess felt her heart jump.  Of course a man this sexy would play guitar. 

“... so that makes me a musician, right?”

Jess nodded.

“But am I recording musician?  Do I get to play big shows?  Make lots of money?”

Jess shrugged her shoulders.  “I don’t know.  You tell me.”

The man laughed for a few seconds.

“Are you published?” he asked.

“Yes,” Jess said.  “I have a publisher.  I’m not famous but I’ve had to sign a couple autographs.”

“Sign a couple autographs,” the man smiled wide.  He sipped his coffee. 

“You play shows?” Jess asked.

“I guess you could say that.”

“Are you in a band?”

“Yeah.  I’m in a band.  I’m the singer.  Go figure.”

Jess couldn’t believe how turned on she felt.  She fought the images coming to her, but she pictured the man standing on a stage, playing guitar, singing.  Sweating.  Staring at Jess in a crowd.  Controlling her with his eyes.

She had to look away for a second.

“So, let me ask you something,” the man said.


“You have no idea who I am?”

“Why?  Am I supposed to?”

“Nope,” the man said.  “By the way, my name is Johnnie.”

Karolyn James is the author of the smash hit romance series, Brothers of Rock. Under the K James name, she writes romance with story and purpose.
Along with romance, Karolyn is the author of several erotic romance books and series, including the new hit Rock Her Curves series.
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