Monday, July 28, 2014


Book 1 in the Memphis Mayhem Series

Becca Bramlett finished her Ph.D. and fl
ew to Vegas to celebrate with a 

friend. She had no idea the Stanley Cup Championship was being played 

in Sin City or that the hotel where she’d be staying would be swamped 

with loud, obnoxious hockey players. One in particular caught her eye and 

irritated her beyond belief when he and his buddies decided to party in the 

hallway at 3 am. As soon as she confronted him, jabbing her finger into 

his sexy chest, she knew one touch would never be enough. And 

God,could the man touch! Nothing had prepared Becca for Axl or the hot 

weekend they’d spent together. What they did together in bed would be 

burned in her mind forever. But, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – 

or so she thought Ten years later - Nick Hartijay’s team, the Memphis

Mayhem, is poised to become media darlings, a success story of an 

underdog NHL team who makes it to the Cup. The only problem is - Nick’s 

temper is getting the better of him. With heavy fines and suspensions, it’s 

difficult to focus on his game. The team’s owner has a solution to the 

problem - bring in a fresh face, someone new to the hockey world that 

can help the team with their media image. Becca is that person. 

As soon as Becca sets eyes on Nick, she realizes he’s THE ONE from so 

long ago, the guy who set her on fire and left her wanting more - Axl. Why 

does he pretend he doesn’t know her? Or was the weekend not as 

memorable for him as it was for her? Confused by her feelings, the new 

job, and the sexual longings running through her body, Becca knows the 

only way to keep her sanity is to stay away from the handsome blue-eyed 

coach. The only problem is - the harder she tries to stay away, the more 

she wants to end up in the penalty box with him!

*Content Warning: May content adult scenes and graphic content. 

Intended for 18+ Audience.


“You should choose a safe word,” Axl had said, his voice gravelly and 

very dangerous. It was their second night together, and she’d shared with 

him the night before how much she wanted to just hand over control of her 

life to someone else. That can be arranged, he’d smiled. 

As he tied her hands and ankles to the bedposts, she wasn’t sure what 

she was getting herself into. “What’s a safe word?”
“I’m going to push you to your limits. Part of the fun is that you will say no 

and stop. I want to know when you really want me to stop and when you 

really mean no as opposed to when you are just in the moment. Does that 

make sense?” His face rested just above hers and she could tell he was 

serious. She licked her lips. “What kind of word?” She’d never heard of 

anything like this before. Then again, she had never been tied to a bed 

before either. “Something you wouldn’t ordinarily say during sex. Not Oh, 

God or That’s too big or anything like that.” She had giggled because both 

of those phrases were appropriate. “I won’t start until you think of 

something.” She racked her brain and for the life of her couldn’t come up 

with anything that didn’t sound dirty. “Like any word?” 

“Yes. Something you will remember and know to use when you’ve had 

enough.” “And what happens when I say it?” She didn’t want the fun to 

stop just because she had second thoughts. 

“I will give you a few minutes to be sure you really meant it. I will stop 

doing whatever I’m doing and let you think. If you want to keep going, you 

let me know. If not, then we try something else. It’s perfectly safe.”
“What if I’m on the verge of a climax and I say it?”
He kissed the tip of her nose. “Try not to say it if you’re that close.” He 

ran a finger down between her breasts then flattened his palm just below 

her ribcage. “Have you thought of anything?” 


“Par-what?” He wrinkled his forehead.
“Parlay. It’s part of the Pirate’s Code. It means you have to give me 

temporary protection. You can’t abuse me on your ship.”
He laughed. “Pirate’s Code. Is every woman obsessed with pirates?”
She smiled. “As long as they are the right kind of pirates, then yes, we 

are. So, parlay.”

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