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The Lilith Scroll by B.L. Marsh

Title: The Lilith Scroll

Author: B.L. Marsh

Genre: Urban Fantasy / New Adult

Tour Organizer: N K Author Services

Release Date: July 2014

Cover Art by Jena Brignola / Bibliophile Productions

What if you discovered there was time before time began? What if everything you thought was true, was not? What if there was a beginning before, “In the beginning”? What if another story was unfolding within our time? A story steeped in loss, love, betrayal, and secrets?
On her twenty-third celebrated birthday, Lilith arrived in Scotland, following clues she had secretly collected about her past. Little did she know that her arrival at the Rosslyn Chapel would reignite one of the oldest wars of all time- The Fall. Sides will be chosen, lives will be lost, and the secret kept all this time by the Illuminati will be exposed.  

Welcome to Eden. The place where magic was born, trees are gateways to other realms, and Angels aren’t what you think they are. Meet Lilith. A young woman with an incredible story; one she isn’t supposed to know, much less tell. Meet Sam. A man with an unknown past and powers that rival Lilith’s. 

Go back in time. Back to the garden. Experience the magic of creation, the wonder of nature, and the betrayal that destroyed it all.



“Did you sense the pain from within the child?” Declan asked.

“It was greater than anything I have ever experienced. What

was done to her is unforgivable. Her strength in not giving into the

Shade is unfathomable. Normally, I would say the child has much to

learn, but in this case, I fear we have much to learn from her.” Alaric

answered with reverence.

Turning toward the pool Declan responded, “Emzara will know what to do. I will call for her as well.”


into the water, he saw the fair-skinned child lying at Adela’s feet,

her long copper locks strewn across a perfectly round face. Declan, the

great black unicorn, whispered, “Happy birthday, little one. We will

find out who or what has awoken you. You will be safe. No harm shall

befall you. This is my solemn vow.”

“It is time dear friend.”  A voice shook him from his thoughts.


Dragon and Unicorn Knights cast spell after spell into the pool.  Runes

in ancient languages long since forgotten began to glow on her skin

weaving a glowing web of magic around the sleeping girl. A faint orange

light caught the Unicorn Knight’s eye. Amongst the glowing runes on her

body, a faint symbol appeared on her wrist. Adela watched as the

sleeping girl accepted the magic from the knights -- and strengthened


“She bears the mark of the Great Sacrifice. The myths are

true. I knew she someone important when she came to the cave, but never

in all these millennia did I think she was the Taken.” The Knights

looked at one another as the reality of who the young girl’s identity

became clear.

B.L. Marsh has been writing and telling stories her entire life.  She is a

music teacher, guest lecturer and runs Master Classes.  Her academic

research is focused on the L’homme arme tradition, the Dead Sea Scrolls,

chant transmission in the Medieval and Renaissance, and Gnostic and

Kabbalah history.  Her passion for spirituality, mythology and

developing her relationship with God are parts of her Rule of Life.  In

her reading of the Bible and other extra-biblical texts however, she

began to daydream about the characters, about how life was back then,

and how cool it would have been to walk in the Garden with God.  Her

stories weave a new mythology revol
ving around Genesis.  



she is not writing or teaching, she spends her days hanging out with

five of the coolest boys on the planet and at night can be found doing

completely ridiculous things like reading Joseph Campbell and Jane

Austin and watching the same 3 movies on TV.

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