Wednesday, October 29, 2014


 I was completely shocked when I heard that blogs were actually taking part in this!  Please tell me if i am wrong but the purpose of a book blog is....


So, why would a blog punish all authors by not posting for them or about them because of ONE authors actions. Yes, I think that particular author is certifiable, but are these blogs missing the attacks by the blogger?  This was not a random, I am going to find this person thing, the author was completely wrong but so was the blogger. So should authors blackout bloggers based on one bad apple?

There is always going to be authors who do DUMB things and bloggers who attack for no reason.  The Bullying needs to stop now!  Yes, this is bullying.

We will share any authors work at anytime. The reason we have this blog was to help authors and we will never condone anyone who does differently.

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