Monday, October 6, 2014

Standing Broken (Neveah Book 2) by Angie Merriam


Lilly is pregnant and faced with a choice, leave Neveah and Shep behind or stay and fight, risking the health of her unborn child. Her decision breaks her heart but she knows she can't have the baby in Neveah, so with a heavy heart she
 returns home, alone. She works hard to get over Shep and build a life of her own and has become a successful artist. Just when her life seems to be on the right track, tragedy strikes, leading her back to Neveah.

Shep wakes up a new man with a wife he can't remember and an army he is expected to train. Along side his aunt Kelsha, he helps ready her followers for a war he knows nothing about, but knows he must fight, because she tells him so. When tragedy strikes Kelsha, she sends Shep away on assignment but was that the choice that would take him away from her forever?

A Broken Forever introduced you to Neveah, Standing Broken brings you back to the characters that were left broken. A land wilted. Can Shep and Lilly find their way back to each other. Can Lilly forgive the betrayal? Can Neveah over come the evil sweeping the land? Standing Broken is the continuing story of love, betrayal and good vs. evil.


Memories of Lilly flashed through his mind, playing like a movie, over and over. He saw her as a child, happy and carefree. He saw her as the woman he loved, strong but loving. He saw her as the woman she became in Neveah, brave but terrified. He saw her as the woman he walked away from. It was this woman who continued to torture his mind. This Lilly was crushed, confused, furious, brokenhearted, and pregnant. He’d seen it while she stood begging for him to stay. He’d seen the glow. Shep wasn’t sure how he knew, but he did. She was carrying his child, their child, and through her tears and anger, she glowed. She was radiant. She was his and he would fight to make it back to her. He would right his wrongs so they could be happy. Shep forced his thoughts to the present time when he noticed Kelsha’s horse stop outside of the compound. Here we go, bring it on. He thought hard enough and loud enough for his aunt to hear him. Kelsha had yet to speak to Shep. She let him wallow in his remorse the entire ride back. She had great plans for Shep. His eagerness to believe and trust in her proved fatal for Annie and James, but would be very useful to her. He was weak and easily manipulated. Most men are. She thought to herself. She was truly sad knowing Jax was dead. She really had been fond of him. She didn’t want her child born a bastard, but what was done, was done. Kelsha was pleasantly surprised when Shep killed his own father without a second thought, all to protect her. She wasn’t sure Shep had it in him, but clearly, there was a monster lurking deep inside that soft interior. A monster, that nurtured correctly, could be a fearful protector. Yes, she had great plans for Shep, but first she knew she must get herself organized. In order to do that, she would need Shep safely out of the way. She smiled at him when they arrived at the compound. She did it to let him know that she heard him. Challenge accepted. She thought before swinging off of her horse. Shep couldn’t help but feel rattled by Kelsha’s silence. Her devious smile told him she heard his thoughts, making him highly intrigued by her personal thoughts and pissed off knowing that his private mind was no horse and turned to him, waiting for him to follow. She was so sure of herself. So sure that he would not turn and run. He wanted to. He wanted, so badly, to kick that horse’s side and take off in a sprint. Get the hell away from Kelsha, from this place, back to his wife, but she was right, for now. Shep would not run. He would play her game long enough to put an end to her. He followed her silently into Jax’s compound. She led him into a large entry room, the same one he had escaped through just the day before. He hadn’t noticed the details of the room before. Large and dark, it was shaped like a wagon wheel with red velvet covering the windowless walls. There were doors, hallways and staircases spread evenly along the walls. Each one, Shep assumed, led to a different part of the compound. He didn’t miss the hallway to the left of him, the one leading to the dungeon. The thought of that place made him shudder inside. He tried to suppress it. Last thing he needed was for Kelsha to think of him as weak.

Angie Merriam resides in the beautiful Pacific NorthWest and is happily married to her best friend. She and her husband have three wonderful children, a dog, and a fish. She is the author of the Neveah trilogy and is a featured author in Intertwine, an anthology featuring an array of writers and a variety of genres.
She loves barbeque's with family and friends, photography, movies, music, and of course reading. She was influenced by the works of Diana Gabaldon, Stephanie Meyer, Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele, and J.K. Rowling. She currently writes romantic fantasy but looks forward to exploring other genre's.

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