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A Clear Sky For Tomorrow by Elliot Dorfman


Shawn Nolan is a brilliant scientist working for DARPA, a secret governmental agency that deals with incredible scientific projects that the public is unaware of happening. Nolan has created a time machine once used to help Norma Adams, a 
singer and actress, when she had problems traveling back in time to a previous life.
Even now, he remains in contact with her and is able to help her out when the situation arises.
Hitting middle age, Shawn feels depressed and misses his wife and son who were killed in a plane crash over a decade ago. Going against his own principles and beliefs, he decides to see them again by going back to the past before the accident happened and attempting to save them. However, his time machine breaks down and seemingly having a mind of its own, has other plans for him.
Sifting his mind, it takes him back to various times when he was young, including when he had his first love affair with the lively and pretty Sheila.
Eventually able to break free of the machine, he is eager to have a reunion with Sheila, whom he learned is a widow. Things work out well for them. After they get married, he hires Sheila’s nephew Tab, a brilliant young scientist like himself, as an associate. While he and others associated with him find life adventurous and full of surprises, there are many danger to deal with. The unexpected climax of this story will have the reader absolutely enthralled.


He never thought he would fall so deeply in love again, after the loss of his beloved Trisha. At first, being with Gloria made him forget the loss of Trisha. Not only did he enjoy the physical company of being with a woman again, but also sharing the many intellectual and cultural interests Gloria had. He enjoyed escorting Gloria to events in Manhattan such as exhibits, concerts, and many theatre productions. The only downside to being with Gloria was that sometimes the memories of his dear wife made him feel guilty about this rekindled feeling for his first love. Eventually, he was able to ease up after recalling a poignant conversation with Trisha on their fifteenth anniversary only a few months before her fatal plane crash. Taking a back road, they went to celebrate their anniversary at a small town about fifty miles away from the complex. After having dinner at a restaurant, they stayed in the only hotel in town. Their room wasn’t much to speak of, but at least it was clean and fairly comfortable. That night, before going to sleep, Shawn looked at his beautiful wife wearing a sexy negligee and sighed.
“What’s wrong, dear,” she asked. “You have the saddest look I’ve ever seen on your face.”
“Well, my cherished one, I was just thinking that if one of us should die suddenly, I hope it is me for I could never be happy living life without you at my
side."Trisha became upset. “Oh no, Shawn. I would never want you to turn sad and melancholy when remembering our love. It would stop you from moving ahead with your life. Instead, I would wish fervently for you to follow the advice the Victorian poet Christina Rossetti gave in the last stanza of her poem,

‘Yet if you should forget me for a while And afterwards remember, do not grieve:
For if the darkness and corruption leave A vestige of the thoughts that once I had, Better by far you should forget and smile Than you should remember and be sad.’ 

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Elliot Richard Dorfman taught theatre arts, broadcasting, music, and social studies in the New York City School System for more than three decades - as well as teaching private vocal and piano lessons from the time he was seventeen yea
rs old. Elliot founded Suma Play Productions, Inc., and was the artistic director of the American Youth & American Theatre Repertory Companies. Many of his former students have become successful actors, singers, writers, producers, directors, and teachers in various entertainment fields.

Mr. Dorfman is a former member of the NY Dramatist Guild. He has appeared on and has written for radio and television. His dramatic and musical plays have been performed professionally, at schools, community centers, and camps.

After retiring and moving from the city to Upstate New York, Elliot began focusing on writing. Since then, 120 short stories have appeared in 32 publications and several poems in 4 magazines. In 2008, the readers of Golden Visions Magazine voted Elliot as their favorite author. His novels include CHOSEN ABOVE ALL OTHERS,

released by WORLD CASTLE Publishing (2013),


released by BEAU COUP PUBLICATIONS ( 2014). 

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