Monday, October 3, 2016

Dark Shadows: A Psychological Horror (YA)

Dark Shadows: A Psychological Horror (YA)

My name’s Ella Raimi.
Until last week, my life was pretty normal for a sixteen-year-old. Until I spent that awful night trapped in the janitor's closet in utter darkness. Until the dreams began — suffocating, panic-filled dreams. My best friend Kyla stays with me, but the dreams still continue. And I wake each morning with cuts & burns on my skin. I don’t recall inflicting them.
And then there is the blood on my hands and my sheets when I wake up.
I’m afraid of myself.
I'm afraid I am a killer.
This is a standalone title.

My Review:
This was not what I was expecting when I started this book, I honestly though it would be predictable and at times it was. Sure there were a few things I figured out but the big twist, the ending left me completely speechless!  If you like a bit of thrill with your story, check this one out!

                   Author Bio:
Toni Vallan is the author of two contemporary titles in the contemporary suspense series DESPERATION, and her ongoing Thriller line.

 Toni loves the dark side of the soul, and studied to become a neuropsychologist. A career path taken over by her first love - writing.

Toni lives in the land of the Hobbits, and secretly wants a Hobbit house, although her husband and two daughters may not agree.

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