Friday, October 6, 2017

Getting to Know Silvia Violet

Welcome to our Getting to Know feature!
This week, get to know the authors from the Memories of the Breakfast Club Kindle World!
Based on the Bestselling M/M Romance books from Felice Stevens, welcome new characters and stories from other authors! In each post, you’ll hear directly from the author on special topics, about why they wrote for this world, or something interesting about their story!
Get to know Silvia Violet!

One of the main characters in Remember Love, my contribution to the Memories with the Breakfast Club world, is Antonio who appears in Felice’s Second to None. He’s my favorite secondary character in the Breakfast Club series, so when I started planning a story set in that world, I really wanted to give him an HEA. Antonio is a bartender at Sparks, and while he wants to hook up with Marcus, once he realizes Marcus and Tyler are meant for each other, he’s very supportive of their relationship. I wanted to explore his friendship with the two of them while also teasing out Antonio’s story. I asked a lot of questions like: Had Antonio had a relationship in the past? Is he truly satisfied hooking up with no strings attached? What does he dream of for the future? I loved getting to “talk” to him and learn his secrets, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting Marcus and Tyler to help him find his way. While I was writing, I spent a lot of time picturing the atmosphere at Sparks: Antonio serving drinks, the dancers, the flirtatious customers. Listening to some dance playlists helped set the right atmosphere for me, and my ever-present cup of coffee kept me going. 

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